SAKEC is an Autonomous Institute Affiliated to University of Mumbai

Teaching & Learning Centre (TLC)





We have established a Teaching and Learning (T-L) Centre at Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College with the following objectives:

  • To train faculty members and to empower them to adopt innovative teaching and learning practice.
  • To provide support for ICT enabled active learning strategies in classroom teaching
  • To encourage and promote collaborative learning among student
  • To facilitate and guide teachers to do action research

Innovative Teaching Methods Adopted by SAKEC Faculty Members

  • Mr. Shridhar R. Sahu: Teaching Using Bamboo Tablet for EXTC branch students for Subject: Linear Integrated Circuits
  • Mr. Bhushan Pawar: Teaching Using Surface Pro for EXTC branch students for Subject: Antenna & Radio Wave Propagation
  • Dr. Vidyullata Devmane: Created audio-video presentation for complex topics in Cryptography & System Security course and shared through google classroom so that students should get feel of live lecture and can listen repeatedly for better understanding during pandemic
  • Dr. Vidyullata Devmane: use of game pedagogies such as crossword, snake and ladder to solve difficult problems in Cryptographic Protocol Design
  • Mr. Atul Haribhau Kachare: use of Crossword game pedagogy to solve the tree related questions in Data Structure course.
  • Mr. Milind Khairnar: Conducted technical debate on the comparison of Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISC) and Complex Instruction Set Computers (CISC) by dividing the class into two groups to foster critical thinking in students
  • Mr. Milind Khairnar: Planned and conducted Presentation of successful business ventures by the students to understand business and management related principles in the Entrepreneurship Development and Management (EDM) course.
  • Ms. Dhanashree Toradmalle: Conducted Think-Pair-Activity in Computer Networks course of Semester IV
  • Mr. Atul Haribhau Kachare: Conducted Think-Pair-Activity in Analysis of Algorithms course of Semester IV of Computer Engineering
  • Mr. Shridhar R. Sahu: Conducted Think-Pair-Share and Peer Instruction Activity in Electronic Devices & Circuits course of Semester IV and Digital VLSI Design course of Semster VI of EXTC Engineering
  • Dr. Rekha Ramesh, Ms. Pinki Vishwakarma: Students were told to create a concept map from the topics taught in Data Mining part of the DWM course to integrate the knowledge they have learnt and clear any misconceptions in students understanding.
Accredited with 'A' Grade (2021) by NAAC for 5 years
Ranked in band 251-300 (2020) by NIRF
UG Programs for Computer & IT Accredited by NBA
UG Programs for Computer & IT granted 'permanent affiliation' by University of Mumbai


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