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SAKEC’s Technology Business Incubator

Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College Technology Business Incubator unique meanings for each letter:
S – Sparkup: This represents the spark of innovation and creativity that ignites startups within the incubation center.
A – Accelerate: Signifying the center’s role in accelerating the growth and success of entrepreneurial ventures.
K – Katalyst: Referring to the catalytic effect the incubation center has on startups, propelling them forward.
E – Emerge: Highlighting the emergence of new ideas, businesses, and opportunities.
C – Cohesion: Representing the collaborative and cohesive community of entrepreneurs the center fosters.
So, “SAKEC” in this context stands for “Sparkup Accelerate Katalyst Emerge Cohesion,” reflecting the core values and goals of the Technology Business Incubator.


“To catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship by providing startups with a supportive ecosystem that nurtures their growth, empowers them with knowledge and resources, and connects them with networks and opportunities, thereby driving economic development and creating a thriving entrepreneurial community.”


The objectives of the Shah and Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College Technology Business Incubator aligned with the broader mission of supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, and the growth of startups.

  • Nurturing Innovation: To foster a culture of innovation by providing a conducive environment for students, alumni, and entrepreneurs to develop and test their innovative ideas.
  • Startup Support: To support the creation and growth of startups by offering resources, mentorship, and access to a network of investors and industry
  • Entrepreneurial Education: To provide educational programs, workshops, and training to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop essential skills and
  • Research and Development: To encourage research and development activities that lead to the creation of marketable products and
  • Industry Collaboration: To facilitate collaboration between startups and established  businesses, promoting knowledge sharing and potential
  • Job Creation: To contribute to the local economy by helping startups grow, create jobs, and stimulate economic development.
  • Networking: To establish a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem by connecting startups with mentors, investors, and peers.
  • Technology Transfer: To facilitate the transfer of technology and knowledge from academia to the business
  • Community Engagement:    To   engage   with   the    local   community   and   encourage   social entrepreneurship and community-focused
  • Measurable Impact: To track and measure the success of incubated startups in terms of revenue, job creation, and other key performance indicators.
  • Sustainability: To ensure the long-term sustainability of the incubation center through strategic planning and resource
  • Global Reach: To enable startups to reach global markets and compete on an international

These objectives should guide the activities and initiatives of the SAKEC Incubation Centre to support the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship within the institution and the broader community.

Faculty Incharge

Mr. Rohan Appasaheb Borgalli
Asst. Prof., Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, In charge of SAKEC’s Technology Business Incubator.

Mail ID:
Mobile No. 9821057992

Accredited with 'A' Grade (2021) by NAAC for 5 years
Ranked in band 251-300 (2020) by NIRF
UG Programs for Computer & IT Accredited by NBA
UG Programs for Computer & IT granted 'permanent affiliation' by University of Mumbai


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