Computer Engineering and Electronics Engineering Programs of the college have been awarded provisional accreditation by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) from August-2014 for 2 Years w.e.f. 06-08-2014. Computer Engineering and Information Technology Programs have been awarded accreditation by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) from A.Y. 2022-23 for 3 Years.

Dr. Nilakshi Jain

I/c Head of Department
Ph.D. (Faculty of Computer Engineering – Digital Forensic)
Teaching Experience: 15 Years
Area of Specialization:Digital Forensic, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence

“True Cyber Security is to prepare what’s NEXT , not what was LAST.” -Neil Rerup

The key factor in today’s techno-savvy society is Education & knowledge is the greatest strength with which every nation progresses. SAKEC recognizes the need for this learning and in order to create a cyber secure world , “Cyber Security Department” came into existence in the year 2020 with initial intake of 60.

Cyber security is the field that focuses on protecting networks, companies, and individuals from attacks. Cyber-attacks can include unauthorized access, viruses, spyware, spam, botnets, phishing scams, and more. In other words, cyber security is an essential part of the Digital World.

With this course, you’ll learn computer security from both software and hardware perspective, with a focus on building and maintaining more secure systems.

Accredited with 'A' Grade (2021) by NAAC for 5 years
Ranked in band 251-300 (2020) by NIRF
UG Programs for Computer & IT Accredited by NBA
UG Programs for Computer & IT granted 'permanent affiliation' by University of Mumbai


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